Bad Dental Hygiene Can Affect Fertility

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A new report has been published that states that women who are looking to conceive need to pay attention to their dental hygiene. Doctors who have carried out the study have stated that in particular women need to pay attention to the way in which they floss their teeth.

It is thought that bad oral hygiene can have a negative impact on conceiving and that it could delay it by up to 2 months. Bad dental care has been ranked the same as obesity for the problems that it causes for those who are trying to have a baby. Doctors believe the underlying cause is inflammation which untreated can affect some of the body’s basic functions like reproduction.

The study was carried out in Australia and involved over 3,500 women; those with gum disease were found to have elevated blood levels of markers for inflammation.

Fertility experts have stated that it is wise to make sure that your body is the best condition you can get it whilst you are trying to conceive, as it will give you the best possible outcome. As a result of this new research, experts are advising women to plan in regular trips to their dentists to make sure that their oral health is up to scratch.


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